Sound & Vision with Rose Dorn

Having recently signed to legendary East Coast label, Bar/None, West Coast trio, Rose Dorn, recently released their debut album – Days You Were Leaving – following a series bedroom EPs.

Following the LP release, we caught up with the band to find out what’s currently ticking their boxes. These are their Sound & Vision picks:

DISCLAIMER: Picking favourites is extremely hard for us, as is probably true for most people. Feeling compelled to define something as fluid as taste in such finite terms can be a bit overwhelming. We’re always wearing different records out, have an ever-changing movie we turn to when we want to feel the comfort of an old favourite, and name a new book as the best we’ve read in a while nearly every week. We picked all of these because they’re some of the dearest to our hearts, even if that’s only true this week.Thanks for caring about what we like! Send us recommendations if you feel so compelled! You can find our address on the Days You Were Leaving LP/CD sleeve. We always love finding out about new stuff <33

Also just an FYI, any explanations are going to be in the third person because we like keeping things equal and operating as a single thinking unit as much as we possibly can. These are Rose Dorn’s answers, not any one of ours.


Rose Dorn

Top 3 albums:

1. Love is Overtaking Me  Arthur Russell

2. From A Basement On The Hill – Elliott Smith

3. Blonde – Frank Ocean

Love is Overtaking Me is a particularly special record from a particularly special songwriter. There haven’t been very many songwriters like him. Name one bad Arthur Russell song and we’ll eat our shoes.

Ok, how are you going to pick a favourite Elliott Smith album? This is SO HARD. From A Basement is very dear to us. Sure it received criticisms when it came out, and it may be true that Ostrich & Chirping wouldn’t have made the final cut if it wasn’t released posthumously, but like…every other song…Amazing.

Frank Ocean is an important figure who has contributed significantly to the destigmatisation of mental illness and queerness in a sphere that typically silences these voices. What we would give to have him on an RD song. Can you imagine? Frank check ur DMs.

Favourite Movie:

Nightmare Before Christmas – We all grew up watching this movie. Jamie and Joey distinctly remember it as their first favourite. Collectively, we’ve probably watched this movie more times than there are blue jeans in the United States. One night a year or two ago, we chose to stay home watching this instead of going to a party or something else like this that we were meant to go to. It was winter and we each had a big blanket on and projected it on the wall. It was really nice.

Favourite Book:

Sabrina – Nick Drnaso – This book is amazing. It’s a newish graphic novel about this guy who gets lost in his mind and shirks a bunch of responsibilities following the death of his girlfriend. What seems to him like a senseless act of violence is soon subject to more dubious interpretations by the media. The book takes a look at the ways conspiracy theories and their coverage affect those closest to the victims of blind violence, which is definitely interesting in this fucked up time we’re living in. That said, we’d like to note there is almost certainly a reason conspiracy theories have garnered so much traction in our recent past, the reason being the systemic failure of democracy to propagate and protect the equality it promises. But we digress. Sabrina is a great book. We like it a lot.

Favourite Song:

Mariners Apartment Complex – Lana Del Rey – This question messed with us. To be perfectly honest, we didn’t even try to pick an all-time favourite. But this and the rest of Lana’s new album, praises be to God it’s out, have been on repeat recently. We love her. She just keeps getting better.

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