Sound & Vision with Olympia

In 2016, Olivia Bartley released her debut album, Self Talk, under the Olympia moniker to huge critical acclaim in her native Australia. This week, following the release of her new single, Shoot To Forget, she is over in the UK for the first time – supporting Julia Jacklin on her sold out tour.

We caught up with Olympia to find out what’s inspiring her currently untitled, upcoming new album:

My three favourite albums

Transformer – Lou Reed

Sound & Colour – Alabama Shakes

3 – Portishead

Transformer is probably one of the strongest anchor points of my new album. The mix of melancholy and levity, with dark humour (and subject matter), and its backing vocal lines.

My favourite book

The Argonauts – Maggie Nelson

This is such an incredible and generous piece of work. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon it, but it has not only invigorated my own way of writing – drawing together multiple threads, but also lead me to the work of Olivia Laing and another great book, The Lonely City.

My absolute favourite film

Talk to Her – Almodovar

I used to live near a little VHS store that had all their movies stocked by Director. I discovered so many wonderful movies this way – scooping up an armful of Almodovar, or Fellini at a time. Dirty Habits is a close second, and hard to get your hands on these days (RIP video stores).

A song that’s important to me

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John

Have had this on repeat at the moment. It has a Somewhere Over The Rainbow, or Across the Universe type of feel. It’s like plugging into a whole world in just one song.

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