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There are few places as joyful to spend time as within the realms of a new Hovvdy record. Masters of rhythmically hypnotic, blissed out indie – capable of tearing clouds from overcast skies – their songs burst forth with inescapably sweet melodies that feel like you’ve known them your whole life, but just can’t place. And even in their most tumultuous moments, there is a grace and positivity that radiates from the Austin duo – something they explained as always hoping to convey when we chatted to them last year

Now, following the release of their fourth album, True Love, we catch up again with Will Taylor for his Sound and Vision picks:

3 favourite albums:

Lucinda Williams – Car Wheels on A Gravel Road 

It’s hard to say definitively what albums are my three favorites, so I decided to talk about the ones that I return to most often. During 2020, I found myself unintentionally revisiting records that I’ve loved for years, and felt comfort in their familiarity. The most prominent one being Car Wheels on a Gravel Road by Lucinda Williams. It’s such a fun album to turn up real loud and get lost in its storytelling. Some of the most direct songwriting I’ve ever heard is on this record. The instrumentation is clean and concise, leaving so much room for vocals and space to drift. There’s an attitude on this album that is hard to find anywhere else. Standout ballad, Lake Charles, and mid tempo banger, Right in Time, are wonderful places to start. 

Young Thug – So Much Fun 

The next album would be So Much Fun by Young Thug. There is a lightness to this music that genuinely inspires positive attitude and self confidence. Thug is one of the most creative vocalists in music, and it’s a joy to hear his ideas overflow. Lil Uzi Vert features on What’s the Move, which is my favorite song on the record. 

NADINE – oh my

Lastly, I chose the NADINE album, oh my. This record is beautifully crafted, and has a really diverse palette. The lyrics are thoughtful and the instrumentation is grown up. I would not sleep on this beautiful album by our friend NADINE.

Favourite film:

Minari – Lee Isaac Chung

Recently I watched Minari, a film about a Korean family that moves to Arkansas in hopes of building a new life on a farm. It was beautifully shot and wonderfully accurate to the look and feel of the early 80’s in America.

Favourite book:

Bell Hooks – All About Love

Charlie is more of the reader between us two. I have a short attention span, so short stories work best for me. I’ve always loved the short stories of Richard Ford, Virginia Woolf, and Hemingway. Right now, I’m reading All About Love by Bell Hooks, which is enlightening and kind of serious.

A song that means a lot to you:

Dijon – Hunni

Hunni by Dijon is my daughter’s favourite song that isn’t Elmo. We dance and swing around and yell gibberish. That song has a very special spot in my heart, as does Dijon who is an amazing artist and even better friend.

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