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Falcon Jane’s Heaven is a soaring slice of euphoric dream pop that promises great things for upcoming album Faith (November 13). Like previous album teaser The Other Moon, it hints at the introspective themes explored on the new album following a retreat into nature, whilst the widescreen sound showcases the expanding horizons those times can create.

Faith will be the second album that Ontario-based singer-songwriter Sara Jane has released under the Falcon Jane name, following on from 2018’s acclaimed Feelin’ Freaky. Here are some of the inspirations she carries close in her own words…

Three albums I love:

Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

Not sure how much explaining I have to do for this one – I’m pretty sure it’s considered one of the greatest albums of all time! Here’s why I personally love it: the half-pleasant-half-spooky vibes, the slide guitar OMG, the use of sound effects, the incredible vocal performances, the lyrics, the overall production is just incredible. It truly feels like a full album; a collection of songs you need to listen to from start to finish to get the full picture. Listening to this album makes me feel really alive. Anyway, no need to go on, you get it. We all get it.

Julia Jacklin – Crushing

Contrary to what’s believed to be cool and hip these days – I still buy CDs! One of my favourite activities is going to Soundscapes in Toronto and dropping mad cash on CDs! I have a 2006 Subaru, so there’s no hope for any kind of Bluetooth or even aux connection. Anyway, one day while I was in there I took a chance on a Julia Jacklin CD after only really knowing her through her side project, Phantastic Ferniture. I was phantastically caught off guard by the rawness of Crushing. Julia Jacklin obviously has an incredible voice; there’s an easy, casual style to her very not-casual lyrics and melodies. I love all the tones of the instruments in this album; drums, bass, guitar, mmmmm. The sparseness, the bigness, holy crap. This album hits me deep in a very soft, romantic spot.

U.S. Girls – In A Poem Unlimited

I’m someone who is always looking for new ways to calm down and relax – herbal tea, CBD oil, long midday baths, deep breathing, massages, you get the picture. However, sometimes, when the moon is just right, I do like to let loose and channel some power! That’s where U.S. Girls comes in. In a Poem Unlimited is like a heat wave of grooviness. Every single tone and frequency on it is absolutely gorgeous. It’s got this anger within it that I just love. It’s an anthem, a march. It lights my soul on fire and brings out the passion within me that I’m typically trying to conceal and cool down. Plus Meg Remy is singing about very real, very important stuff.

A film I love:

Little Women – Greta Gerwig

I’m the most disgraceful film-school grad ever, because I honestly have a hard time staying awake through movies. I wish I was more of a film buff, but I haven’t seen many (or any) of the great classics; though I do remember taking a lot of naps in my film theory classes while monumental films played in the background.

Anyway, when Greta Gerwig’s Little Women came out last year I saw it in theatres three times! That must mean something. I remember (partner) Andrew and I went to see it and both cried a lot and laughed a lot and couldn’t stop talking about it. I’ve tried to read the book since, but… let’s just say I prefer the movie. The acting is incredible, the costumes and sets are gorgeous. Greta Gerwig is awesome. I’ve loved everything she’s done since Frances Ha!

A book I love:

Margaret Atwood – Cat’s Eye
Gotta give a shout out to living legend, total genius, Margaret Atwood! She’s the best. So incredibly smart and cool. I love absolutely everything I read by her, but Cat’s Eye has always felt very special and powerful to me. She really nails the often-traumatic dynamic of young girls growing up together. Plus there’s some great exposé on what Toronto was like during the 1950s and 1960s. I’ve always felt a connection to the main character, who has this obsession with the Virgin Mary as her saviour, and keeps a cat’s eye marble in her purse for good luck.

One song that’s important:

Amen Dunes – Believe

Ok I just love this song. Why is it important? Well first of all because it’s a beautiful piece of art. I don’t know too much about Amen Dunes, but I’ve watched a few live videos and it seems like Damon McMahon really gives it his all – which is so important! His music is full of emotion, honesty, and nostalgia. I think it’s important for men to have musical role models that are comfortable being honest with how they feel, and creating art that respects that. This song also paints such an emotional picture, and you don’t even have to know what the heck he’s singing about. I literally just looked up the lyrics for the first time! I think that’s an incredible skill to have as a songwriter, and it’s all part of the magic of music.

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