Sound & Vision with Eric Pulido aka E.B The Younger

Over a two decade career, Midlake frontman, Eric Polido, has positioned himself as one of the best alternative singer/songwriters in contemporary American music. Records such as The Trials of Van Occupanther and The Courage of Others are genuine classics that have seen the Texas based band receive cult status.

While Midlake are on hiatus, Polido aka E.B The Younger (who also fronted the indie supergroup, BNQT, with Alex Kapranos, Fran Healy, Jason Lytle and Ben Bridwell), has recorded a debut solo record – To Each His Own – which is out now on Bella Union records. In his own words, “It’s an eleven-song journey through the life and times of a wayward Midlaker seeking to find purpose in an uncharted land. Will he find his way? Listen, and ye shall find.”

We caught up with Eric to find out what’s inspired the new record – here are his Sound & Vision choices:

Your three favourite albums?

The Band – ‘The Band’

The Band is my favourite band of all time. The songs, the sounds, the story, every bit of them I fell in love with the first listen. The whole discography is great, but this album lays it down top to bottom.

Harry Nilsson – ‘Nilsson Schmilsson’

Harry was a songwriting genius with an unmatched voice. There’s not much live footage of Harry, as he didn’t traditionally perform live, so eating up every bit of music out there has been a pastime. This album is Harry at his best.

Fleetwood Mac – ‘Rumours’

Whatever you do, DON’T listen to this record when mixing you’re own record…you will be discouraged! This is best sounding album of all time, with amazing tunes to boot, and I still reference it every album I’m a part of.

Your favourite book?

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein – this was my favourite book as a child and I frequently searched for that vivid green cover to check it out the from the library multiple times. Even at that age I could appreciate the message. Sometimes the simple things can be the best.

Favourite film?

Harold and Maude – I don’t generally watch movies multiple times, but this is one of the exceptions. A beautiful story with a classic aesthetic throughout. Not to mention, one of the best soundtracks of all time provided by Cat Stevens.

A song that’s important to you?

Paul Simon – St Judy’s Comet

I sang this song to my son night after night as an infant when I would put him to bed. It usually took two or three times through and he was out. I didn’t mind repeating though, and even referenced the song in a song I wrote for him titled CLP.

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