Sound & Vision with Double Wish

Hit The North Records latest signing, Double Wish, are a smoking horizon of contradictions. On their new EP, Light Split Sparkle, the Orange County duo cycle through post punk, shoegaze and dream pop to arrive at a hazy unknown destination. Their soothing alternative pop is infused with the Californian sun it was written under. But existential undertones lie at the core of many of the lyrics, as if they know that the same sun could kill them if they are out in it too long. A chilled but vibrant offering, here we find out a little about the band’s influences that seeped into its creation.

Three favourite albums:

Michael Jackson – Off The Wall

Groove factor, dry 70s tight drum and bass. It’s MJ! I love the pop and disco upbeat vibes. When I want to let loose and feel as though I lived in a time before I was born, a la studio 54, this is it. Also, was a go-to in the car with my mom, so extra points on nostalgia and early musical inspiration.

The Mamas & the Papas – People Like Us

Tight beats. Tighter bass licks. Existential lyrics and themes masked by their iconic optimism and sunshine pop production. It was their last record, and their best record. Extremely slept on. People hated it, sold horribly and that makes it even better. I recently saw a homeless person in downtown LA wearing one of those Venice Beach, CA tourist shirts that say California Dreamin’ with the state flag on it… this album is that type of ironic.

Air – Talkie Walkie

Dreamy synth textures, mood and great haunting vibes. Huge inspiration. Weaving sounds in and out of perception. Truly masters of ambience and evocation of other worldly and experiential destinations. One day, we hope to be surfing on a rocket.

Favourite film:

I Heart Huckabees – David O. Russell

Who doesn’t suffer from existential crisis and the synchronistic connections between us all; chaos and pre-determinism wrapped in quirkiness. Dustin Hoffman is a babe.

Favourite book:

Dr. Rick Strassman – DMT the Spirit Molecule

I don’t spend as much time as I should reading but consciousness is a huge fascination to me. This book goes through the clinical studies of DMT administration and the accounts of those who participated. Fascinating to walk the line between the spiritual world, and chemical alteration. Altered states of mind = inspiring.

A song that means a lot to you:

Tears For Fears – Everyone Wants to Rule the World

It’s hard to pick one song, but lately this track just makes me scratch my head for its pop sensibility. Literally the perfect pop song. Shuffle drum grooves, new wave vocal aesthetics and just all around sonic scapes. Emotionally, this track makes me feel that longing nostalgic teenage angst, and longing for a time I don’t belong to, a love I never had, a world I never lived in.

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