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Glasgow based twin siblings Rachael and Paul Swinton – better known as Cloth – have just released the follow up to their heavenly self-titled debut. And in their own quietly unassuming way, they have transcended and surpassed what has come before, creating a unique record of swooning dream pop and warmly lit indie. Diminutive guitars and peculiar synth scapes combine in an elaborate extension the dawning sun, providing the perfect soundtrack for a world slowly coming into focus. 

To mark the record’s release, we caught up with the pair to find out a little more about their influences.

Three favourite albums:

Caroline Polachek – Pang

Rachael: I have been a big Caroline Polachek fan for years and was totally blown away by this album. For me, it‘s just really exciting and interesting pop music. Each song has something special about it, whether it’s a melody that soars around unexpected places (big fan of those) or an unreal groove that makes you instantly want to dance (best example being So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings).  

Jackson BrowneLate For The Sky

Paul: I first heard Jackson Browne on the soundtrack for feel-good, family favourite Taxi Driver and was instantly smitten. His songs are often really quite sad but in a relatable way, and I just love how warm and classic everything sounds on this album. I’d wanted to get this record on vinyl for years and managed to pick up a copy whilst on holiday in New York (such a good day!). 

The Blue Nile Hats

We’ve been compared a few times to The Blue Nile and, whether that’s accurate or not, it’s pretty much the nicest compliment we could imagine. This album is one that really rewards multiple listens; it’s so detailed and sounds so crisp and beautiful on every level. Again, very sad and melancholy lyrically but there’s definitely a sense of hope in a lot of Paul Buchanan’s words (Saturday Night being an example). Doesn’t get much better than Hats

Favourite film:

Frances Ha – Noah Baumbach

Rachael: I am glad this was ‘One favourite film’ rather than ‘your favourite film’ as that would have been a lot harder to answer. I’m going to go with Frances Ha directed by Noah Baumbach. I always seem to come back to this movie because the character of Frances (Greta Gerwig) is so wonderfully chaotic in it (I’ll never not find her ill-fated trip to Paris funny). Plus, the soundtrack is ace and I really love how they used the beautiful music from another great movie, Jules et Jim, AND Hot Chocolate’s Every 1’s a Winner to boot.

Favourite Book:

My Year of Rest and Relaxation – Otessa Moshfegh

Paul: I read a book a couple years back called My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Otessa Moshfegh which I really enjoyed. The lead character (unnamed) isn’t particularly likeable but I was totally gripped by her sleepy, drug-induced journey through life. I quite like books and movies where not much happens but there are really intriguing characters you can get involved with so this suited me down to the ground. It has quite a simple premise but one which is also fascinating – what would happen if you tried to sleep for a year? I won’t ruin anything for those who haven’t read it but the pay-off is great. 

A Song That Means Alot To You

The Cocteau TwinsIceblink Luck

I think this one means a lot to both of us because it’s a song we loved for years and then we put our mum onto it and now she plays it all the time. I (Paul) have a really nice memory of listening to it with my mum in the car and we both just lost it at the big tom-y breakdown bit in the bridge – it’s so powerful and uplifting! 

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