Sound & Vision with Blood Wizard

An artist who blends visual surrealism with their unique brand of ‘wizard folk’, through latest EP, Imaginary House, Blood Wizard delivers a step in a new direction. One that, while as sonically abstract and distinctive as previous works, seems a more mature and diverse collection. 

While the elements of folk still provide the foundations for the record, led by stomping synths and surrounded by the ethereal yet unsettling harmonies of Faye Rita Robinson, Imaginary House shifts the band into a whole new dimension. 

Ahead of their latest release, which is out now via Moshi Moshi, we spoke to Cai Burns about their favourite creative inspirations.

Three favourite albums:

Alex G – Beach Music

I’ve been a follower of Alex G’s music for many years and he always manages to surprise me every time he releases a new record. He’s an artist that’s impossible to pigeonhole. Try describing Alex G’s music to someone and you’ll understand what I mean! The music is always evolving and exploring new directions. Hearing this kind of movement and playfulness in a record really helped me drop some of my fears about my creative process. Beach Music is one, in particular, that is quite experimental in its essence, but every song has its purpose and has some of my favourite Alex G songs.

Fugazi – Red Medicine

At a point in my life that I was getting tired of guitar music, I heard Fugazi and it really opened my mind up to what can be achieved with guitars and a traditional ‘punk’ band lineup. This record in particular I think pushes the limits of alt-rock sonically and structurally. A real game-changer! They did it all again with The Argument too but I think especially for its time Red Medicine takes the top spot.

Arthur Russell – Love is Overtaking Me

Arthur Russell is a master of songwriting, and I always find myself returning to this record. I love how these songs are so classic sounding at the core, but there’s always this strangeness sprinkled over them. Arthur Russell’s works are entirely timeless and it blew my mind when I first heard how long ago they were made. It’s a collection of sincere songs and a joy to listen to over and over again.

One favourite film:

Ooh, this one is a hard one to choose… I love films for so many different reasons, but the first that comes to mind is a film I recently saw called November. It’s a folk horror about a poor Estonian village, where a group of peasants use magic and folk remedies to survive the winter.

One favourite book:

It’s a series of books but, Cugel’s Saga by Jack Vance. It’s about a thief’s journey back to his hometown after being banished by the Laughing Magician to the other side of the dying earth. The way it’s written can sometimes be tedious, but it does a fantastic job of transporting you and conjures a world unlike any other science fiction I have read. It’s a world of its own, and I would encourage anyone to read it!

One song that means a lot to you:

Songs Ohia’s Farewell Transmission has always hit the spot for me. For a few years, I always went to it when I felt out of sorts, and I just felt warmed by it. It’s a really beautiful song!