Sound & Vision with Black Sea Dahu

Black Sea Dahu is the moniker for Swiss singer/songwriter, Janine Cathrein. This week, she releases her new EP, No Fire In The Sand, which – without doubt – is one of the most affecting releases we have heard this year.

Referencing the raw soundscapes of Sigur Ros, the fluttering melodies of a possessed Nick Drake, and the experimentation of Sufjan Stevens, this really is a must listen. And here are the inspirations Cathrein picked out as having made a big impact on her:

Three of my favourite albums:

Rainbow Valley – Matt Corby

One of my favourite singers and songwriters. I love the sound image of this album, the lyrics. i have surely listened through it hundreds of times on tour in the band bus and it still fascinates me and makes me feel at home.

Episodes – Mnevis

This is an awesome band from Zurich, Switzerland. I think that Mario Hänni, the guitarist of the band, is one of the best songwriters and drummers of all time. Listen to Tomorrow.

Molecules – Sophie Hunger

Sophie’s path and mine have crossed many times over the last year. Her album accompanied me on tour and we often played at the same place. I have a lot of memories to this album. It was a time when a lot happened in my life.

A film that means a lot:


I’ve always not really felt comfortable loving a dog and a cat as a friend and family member, and killing a baby cow at the same time, so that I can eat it as a steak within five minutes. There was always this one thought that knocked inside me, and knocked louder and louder: what does that animal think when you bring it to the slaughterhouse to be killed? Doesn’t it rather want to live, be free, like I do? We have to answer this question honestly and then act on it.

My favourite book:

Harry Potter

This book may have been the main contributor to the development of my creativity and had a great impact on my imagination. I read it when I was six years old.

A song that’s important to me:

Patrick Watson – The Great Escape

“Hey child, things are looking down, but that’s okay you don’t need to win anyways.” I want to do what Patrick does. I want to work with an orchestra and play old theatres. He’s a great inspiration to me and this song touches my core.

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