Sound and Vision with Tom Baxter

Ten years after receiving an Ivor Novello nomination for his sophomore album, Better, singer/songwriter, Tom Baxter, returned earlier this year with a new album, The Other Side Of Blue.

And after having his music covered by Dame Shirley Bassey, lauded by the likes of Rufus Wainwright and Tom Waits, and having his music featured on the BBC’s closing credits for the Olympic Games, this week he launched video for his new single, For Crying Out Loud.

We got in touch with the Suffolk born musician to find out what’s providing his inspiration at the moment. Here are his Sound and Vision choices:

Phoebe Bridgers – Stranger in the Alps

I’m totally in love with this record as it has captured something in its production and writing which I never get bored listening to.

Roddy Frame – Surf

This isn’t an album which many people know, but it is a genius piece of work. I have listened to this album a million times and I still put it on and it takes me to the same place as Joni Mitchell’s Blue – it’s absolute masterpiece and any budding songwriter should listen to this as a masterclass in melody & lyric.

Van Morrisson – Astral Weeks

When I first heard this record, I thought it sounded like a complete mess, but listen after listen you then understand the pure brilliance of the arrangements and how a few jazz musicians and great songwriter make the most sublime masterpiece of a record.

Herman Hesse – Narcisus & Goldmun

This book is a voyage of two men from the same school who take different paths yet somehow find the same realisation in life and it curious paths. A great book for any young man trying to understand life.

The Big Blue by Luc Besson

A film about childhood friendship/ success & the beauty in finding something in life that takes you out of this world and into another.

Keith Jarret – The Köln Concert

This is one long improvisation and it feels like the most incredible expression of a human on the piano . It’s genuine & full of light & dark.

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