Sound And Vision with Jason Williamson (Sleaford Mods)

In the first edition of our new Sound And Vision feature, we exchanged emails with Jason Williamson – the lead singer, lyricist and frontman of Sleaford Mods. A Nottingham based duo who fuse harsh, minimalist music with lyrics that totally encapsulate the frustrations of the modern working class.

On 19th October, Williamson releases a collection of thirteen short stories under the name, Happy Days – all of which come from ‘a grim and desperate world where everything is either knackered and shit or new and shit.’ This week, however, Sleaford Mods released a new self titled EP, so we checked in to find out what’s currently providing his inspiration.

Loski – Call Me Loose

Loski is a Drill artist from London somewhere. I love the flows in Drill. Some of these rappers ain’t even 20 and they are literally Shakespearean.

67 – The 6

More Drill. As above really- again a London outfit. It’s the pain in these records really. I overlook the bravado and tap into the cul de sac that comes from these tunes. It’s music evolving right before your ears.

Luther Vandross – Gimmie The Reason

His greatest complete album in my view. I’ve tried his others, but they have yet to grab me like this one. I’m obsessed with it.

The Invisible Committee – The Coming Insurrection

In terms of books, I still am very much inspired by The Coming Insurrection by The Invisible Committee-  a French anarchist group. It made a very big impression on me five years ago and I believe there’s two other books available too which I’ve yet to read. I couldn’t understand half of the reference points in it if I’m honest, but the bile and distain are second to none. You get the impression it’s not even sound philosophy in places and a few people I know who have also read it dismissed it at the time. But that doesn’t matter when you are as passionate as the writer of this short book.

& a favourite film, or any particular songs that are special to you?

Anything shit and full of guns if I’m honest. And anything my wife would play to me as we lay in bed drinking when I first met her.

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