Sound And Vision with Girls In Synthesis

Girls in Synthesis are currently in the middle of huge tour that sees them take in the length and breadth of the British Isles, including at show at The Ferret, Preston on 4th November. And with a show that’s an audio/visual assault, it’s no surprise that the London based punks -who were initially formed on their shared love for noise rock – have chosen such an amazing selection in this week’s Sound And Vision piece.

Favourite Album (John): Crass – Stations of the Crass

As I’m only a recent convert, I had always put Crass in the Oi! bracket… until I actually listened. Crass’s music is often more akin to free form jazz, albeit with buzzsaw guitar, galloping drums and honest, working class vocals.

This album offers up a slightly more varied take on their previous releases, stuff like White Punks on Hope adds a reggae edge, whilst Crutch of Society slows their frantic rush down to a crushing dirge.

I must say that the whole ethos and package of Crass is a huge influence on us. Aggression projected their passion, and I think it’s the same for us.

Favourite Album (Jim): New Boots and Panties – Ian Dury

I have to say one of favourite albums of all time has to be New Boots and Panties by Ian Dury. The way Ian Dury could paint a picture with his lyrics is like nobody anyone else in my opinion. Its the way he can flick between depravity and beauty in a single breath makes him so appealing. The tough image that went along with him and the blockheads, their reputation – all a brilliant antithesis to their soulful music.

Favourite Album (Nicole):  Siouxsie And The Banshees – Kaleidoscope

It must had been a few years later, maybe 93’ right before I moved to NYC, still in Boston. My roommate at the time was a huge goth and turned me onto this album. It completely changed me as a person. I no longer wanted to play drums, I wanted to be her!!! I would later go on to play bass & lead sing in my band that was heavily influenced by Siouxie. Her attitude, the kings road scene, her voice and I even loved that her husband played the drums. It was perfect, still is one of the most influential albums for me.

Favourite Song (Jim): Psycho Mafia – The Fall

Pretty impossible to say – but one song which has it all for me right now is Psycho Mafia by The Fall. You all know why.

Favourite Film (Jim): Climax – Gaspar Noe

Recently I went to the cinema to see Gaspar Noe’s new film Climax…whether I can say if its my absolute favourite film or not, is hard at this point but it is certainly up there. I haven’t been so engrossed in a cinematic experience to that extent ever before. Its so beautifully intense and dark that you find yourself almost on the verge of total panic, which isn’t what everyone wants from a film, and its certainly uncomfortable, but to be made to experience a reaction that real is incredibly impressive. Visually its stunning, and the soundtrack is fantastic, cramming you down a rabbit hole as the story develops.

Its also a great comment on movement and sound, and how the two react with each other, which is actually what I ended up studying in my last year at University, and definitely isn’t a million miles away from what we’re exploring with GiS.

Favourite Book (John): A Clockwork Orange – Anthony Burgess

I read this at the age of about 13, got it out of the school library. It’s the first time if ever been fully immersed in the world that a book creates.

There’s an amazing used of language, much of which was invented or adapted to create youth slang for the characters.

The idea of being in a gang is really important to me when playing in a group… it really does feel like an ‘all for one’ thing. All or nothing. I’m pretty sure this booked cemented that need for a kind of unity as I was growing up. No rape or murder though. That’s a no no.

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