Sound And Vision with County Line Runner

County Line Runner’s new single, Wide Eyes, is out this week – and it sees him pair up once again with ex-Coral guitarist, Bill Ryder Jones, who produced the track at Liverpool’s world renowned studio, Parr Street.

In preparation for the launch, we caught up with the Brighton based singer/songwriter, Adam Day, to find out what’s artistically pushing his buttons at the moment.

Here are his Sound and Vision choices:

Bob Dylan – Blonde On Blonde

I could probably choose four or five Dylan records, but Blonde On Blonde was one of the first Dylan records I got into, and is the one I go back to a lot. I heard it was one of the first double albums to be released, and certainly it was one of his most creative writing periods. It’s hard to mention any tracks that stand out more than the others… if you say Visions Of Johanna then you’ve got to mention Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands and I Want You‘ – it just goes on.

Leonard Cohen – Death of a Ladies’ Man

Yeah, I love this record! Phil Spector produced it and you can tell. It’s not like any other Leonard Cohen records. It’s a complete one off – there’s some amazing songs on there and you get the feeling that he was using bits of his poetry and putting that to the music and testing the water, so to speak, rather than having the songs and lyrics down as one. Memories is unreal- it has that Spector, Motown, Wall of Sound going on, and Cohen totally going for it.

Dr Dre – 2001

I’m pretty much into everything Dre does. I remember listening to things like Doggystyle and The Chronic on my Walkman walking to school and being blown away by them. 2001 is such a great record. For me, you nearly always find better lyrics and storytelling in hip hop than rock or pop.

John Fante – Ask The Dust

John Fante was such a great writer. Ask The Dust is set in Los Angeles during the depression. I think it’s part self biographical, with him taking the part as an Italian/American writer. It’s about love, poverty and identity, and a look into how hard it really was dealing with those things at that time in America.


I guess this is a lot of people’s favourite film. I just love the whole thing: the music, the characters, the locations, the time and the story.

Oasis – Live Forever

Definitely Maybe completely blew my mind when I was a kid, and Live Forever was the one I had on repeat. Even now when I hear it, it still has that magic I felt when I was 13!

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