Single of the week: Winter – Violent Blue review

by Philip Moss

Life in general feels pretty fuzzy at the moment – almost like a giant snow globe has been placed over us, but where the parameters of it are indeterminable. So, because of this, the first fourteen seconds of Winter’s new single, Violent Blue, feels like the perfect metaphor.

But as easy as it is to focus on the negatives, and, sure, there are enough of them circling around us, it is also important that we try to fight that torrential blizzard, and to find the light – even if it does feel out of grasp in this very moment.

And after its distorted, raging intro, with only a few seconds of processed drums for warning, Violent Blue moves from a swarm of Kevin Shields-evoking black into a haze of colour – as bright organs rub up against a sprawling arrangement of light and dark guitars.

If you enjoyed last year’s Endless Space (Between You & I), or even if Samira Winter’s work is new to you, dive in. ‘I wish you well,’ she calls out in the opening line – welcoming us to her balming world; a place that may just be exactly what you need in your life right now.

Violent Blue is out now on Bar/None Records.

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