Song: Wallice – Punching Bag review

by Philip Moss

Los Angeles songwriter, Wallice, tackles age old themes of friendships gone awry and having to move on when you don’t really want to – but semantically, debut single, Punching Bag, could only be of the 20th Century.

‘I still got your number saved in my phone… I still got your place saved in my Maps,’ Wallice opens the lo-fi Punching Bag – and despite knowing it’s time to move on, the 22 year old neither wants to or is seemingly willing to act, despite picking up on the cues. ‘I realised that there is such a correlation between strained friendships and romantic relationships that most people have probably felt,’ Wallice states. ‘There’s such a strange absence of someone who used to be such a big part of your life.’ But it’s this strange absence that makes Punching Bag the relatable, perfect introduction to a total star in the making.

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