Song: Tugboat Captain – No Plans (For This Year)

by Philip Moss

The magic of music is something I’ve always struggled to comprehend. No matter what the circumstance, it’s got this strange way of matching the mood. But in the case of No Plans (For This Year), the new single from London four piece, Tugboat Captain, it’s eerily predictive of the current situation that’s enveloped the world – despite being written well over a year ago, and recorded in 2019.

Self described as ‘now a tiny bit less DIY Indie-Pop’ is probably because the band have swapped their home set up in Battersea for the world’s most famous recording studio – Abbey Road. And not because they’ve suddenly found a shed load of money, but because they were able to take advantage of some down time at The Beatles’ former home. The decision to record there makes sense too – such is the grandiosity of the melodies that emanate from the track, which are matched by the pompous feel of a Jeff Lynne production.

No Plans (For This Year) is the first taster from their upcoming debut studio album, Rut, which will be out later this year on Double A Side Records.

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