Song: The Northern Belle ft. Siv Jakobsen & Louien – No Rush review

By Phil Scarisbrick

Following on from last year’s record, We Wither, We Bloom, The Northern Belle have returned with new single, No Rush. The song sees the Norwegian septet team up with their compatriots, Siv Jakobsen and Louien.

The track’s titular mantra is imbued throughout – urging us all to value the importance of community. The soundtrack is moored by a finger-picked guitar, with lap steel adding light flecks of intermittent colour. The real sonic hooks though come from the intertwined vocals. Stine Andreassen’s voice, at first fragile, builds with confidence, as she is joined by Jakobsen to emphasise the message being conveyed: ‘Oh sweet lover, open your eyes / Remember those who kept you safe’ they sing, before adding ‘Just stop for a second, there’s no need to rush / Just give it time / If not for you, then for someone else / So they can smell Spring again.’ A simple plea for compassion, amongst the smog of selfishness enveloping the globe.

The final, circling refrain of ‘Oh sweet lover, open your eyes’ is delivered with a calm confidence, signalling that our narrator is at peace with where she finds herself.

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