Single of the week: Siv Jakobsen – Most of the Time

by Phil Scarisbrick

For an artist who has spent much of the last few years living on the road, it was a chance to ground herself in one place that led Siv Jakobsen to the creation of her new single, Most of the Time. Dealing with a difficult past relationship that she realised she’d never come to peace with, she went back to the place it had existed in to meet its hold on her head on. The result is a wonderfully vibrant track that keeps just enough of what endeared fans to her music on A Temporary Soothing, while moving into a new, exciting space.

Frenetic, metronomically plucked strings create a frantic energy that is instantly quelled by Jakobsen’s lackadaisically delivered vocal. As the bass provides an extra level of grounding, subtly mixed in horns add a delicate flourish to the encroaching dynamic. As the song begins to feel like it is building towards a triumphant crescendo, the energy dissipates to leave Jaksobsen reflecting ‘He wakes, holds me close / He is all I want to know / We are forever / And I am better most of the time’.

Everything about this track feels like it was forensically constructed down to an atomic level, yet at the same time feels like it could also have been a stream of consciousness evacuating out of Jakobsen. That is the beauty in the songwriting and production, and why she is such an exciting artist.

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