Song: Sarah Goodson – The Limes review

by Paddy Kinsella

Though this may be Sarah Goodson’s debut single, she’s no stranger to the music industry – having previously operated under her more electronic-leaning moniker, Oh Sister. Discarding that in favour of the assured cool of Lana Del Rey,  and the jaw dropping drama of Nancy Sinatra, The Limes makes for an intriguing first chapter.

Embellished by filmic tones, Goodson sings as if she’s at the wheel of a vintage convertible passing through the scene unfurling ahead of her. And with no intention of stopping, she has a level of separation that lends her a directorial status. She paints the landscape for us, referencing cactus trees and canyons, as her voice lingers – trailing around each corner. Imitating the panache of a western, The Limes feels fitting for a singer who is said to have done shots with Harry Styles – Goodson is well used to the high life she so expertly evokes here. She may sing ‘I don’t know who I am’ but shed of her past moniker, this is an artist shining in glorious, high definition. This car ain’t stopping anytime soon.

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