Song: PETSEMATARY – Get Away With It review

by Paddy Kinsella

The barbecue is over, and the final remnants of smoke are oscillating into the red crimson sky. You’re flanked by friends and family with the memory of a treasured summer’s day fermenting in your mind, as the sun starts to dip below the hills.

That’s the scene Get Away with It, the latest single from Oxford outfit, PETSEMATARY, transports you to. Its wistful guitars have an impossibly large wingspan – their openness granting the song permission to stretch and glide effortlessly. Space is essential to its success – the fuzz opening up an enticing rabbit-hole for you to fall down.

Gaby Elise Monaghan’s vocal is synonymously passionate and honeyed. ‘Get some therapy and get away with it,’ she sings in the chorus, which is a reclamation of sorts, Monaghan shrinking mental health issues down to size so she can tackle them with the self-acceptance required. ‘I know it’s chemical’, she offers finally. ‘I want to be able to embrace my fuck ups when they happen and I want to be able to accept other people for their fuck ups too’, concludes Monaghan.

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