Song: Paul Thomas Saunders – TV, Junk Food & Bed review

by Craig Howieson

There are few feelings more uncomfortable than that of being stuck. Of time passing – subjecting you to its ravages – and yet you move no further forward. Whether through a lack of options, decisiveness or an inability to let go, sometimes it is impossible to feel happy in the moment, and in anticipation of the moments you are moving into.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Paul Thomas Saunders, and the intervening five years would make for a decent movie. A flourishing major label backed music career lost its worth, and Saunders trained as a paramedic – choosing to focus on a career where he had a more tangible impact – literally saving lives. And, yet, the draw of creation never left. 

On his returning single TV, Junk Food & Bed, Saunders offers up an insight into his internal wrestling – pitting what he thinks he should be doing against what he wants to be doing. And it is done in beautiful fashion, chiming guitars that are reminiscent of The War On Drugs with the tempo dialed down, and his soaring voice that remains grounded by introspective lyricism. 

As he sings the final line of ‘so you feel you’re growing up, I feel nothing,’ perhaps he still has some way to go in figuring it all out, as we all do. But in putting pen to paper again, he has provided a beautiful gift in TV, Junk Food & Bed. And he would not be the first person to save someone with a song.

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