Song: Mr Ben & the Bens – How Do I Get To You? review

by Philip Moss

How does Mr Ben do it? Dug from the same rich soil as Life Drawing, the Lancaster native’s allotment keeps on giving, as he returns with Melody Shed EP – the first harvest, How Do I Get to You?, sprouting just nine months after the release of his 2020 long player.

The opening, Nuggets-alike guitar hits like the zing of a pack of salt and vinegar crisps – with its narrative finding our protagonist on a journey through his usual haunts. The ‘how’ of the chorus soon turns to an optimistic ‘when’, and by the time the victory dance of trumpets enter in the middle eight, How Do I Get to You? is already a winner.

How does he he do it? Because Mr Ben really is a special songwriter – and despite not needing How Do I Get to You? to confirm this, it certainly furthers the claim. Check out our chat with the prolific Mr Ben here.

Melody Shed EP is out on 21st May through Bella Union.

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