Song: Milly – Denial review

by Chris Hatch

Fans of The Promise Ring and Death Cab For Cutie will find much to love about the thoughtful, starry-eyed single from LA band, Milly. A soporific, alternative rock track that takes a while to lift its heavy eyelids, before eventually hitting a gorgeous, celestial stride.

On Denial, Milly conjure up a mix of dreamy indie and shoegazey emo, as lead singer and main songwriter, Brendan Dyer, longs for a time and place that is just out of reach. Lumbering drums, and a deep, weighty bassline help form a midnight sky over which Dyer flecks sparkling guitar notes that twinkle amongst the late night gloom. His effortless, sleepy vocals come from that point late in the night where dawn seems a lifetime away and the world feels like a parallel universe – Dyer cries out into the ether and hears only his echoes back.

Gently easing through the door that emo-revivalists like Soccer Mommy and Snail Mail have nudged open, Milly’s blend of regretful lyrics are relatable enough to be analgesic, while their glowering rhythm section and billowing guitars grow enough in stature to provide catharsis. Like the scene that grew in the early-00s, when pop-punk ran out of punchlines and nu-metal became too aggressive, Milly take distorted, alternative rock and add meaning to it – softening its edges, and giving it heart.

Denial is out now on Dangerbird Records.

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