Song: Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy – Make Worry For Me

by Philip Moss

Just a week ago, a random package stamped by Domino Recording Co. arrived through the letterbox. Inside, there was a ‘flexidisc’ by the pair known as Superwolf, and seven days later Make Worry For Me has appeared on all good streaming services.

Matt Sweeney & Will Oldham aka Bonnie Prince Billy have flirted on numerous occasions over the last decade or so – Sweeney providing guitars and vocals on the wonderful live record, Summer in the Southeast, as well as on various EPs. But it is for 2005’s Superwolf that they are most fondly loved as a duo. And after the teasing of the single, You’ll Get Eaten, Too, in March of this year, Make Worry For Me suggests a more substantial body of collaborative work could be upon us in 2021.

Sweeney’s sleazy guitar line underpins the track throughout, and provides the perfect aesthetic for a Will Oldham lyric and melody line that – if it were to appear on his Songs of Love and Horror collection – certainly falls closer to the more macabre end of his spectrum – ‘If I come to your streets, make worry for me…’ The middle eight provides room for a blast of unbridled guitars from the former Zwan member, Sweeney, which is not so much a solo, as an unleashing of torment – and is perfectly in line with Harmony Korine’s unsettling artwork. However, it’s the intertwining of the pair’s voices that is more prominent than on previous works, and most striking about this rekindling.

Of course, like any music pressed to a laminated piece of cardboard, the ‘flexidisc’ sounded terrible – but, regardless, Make Worry For Me is a song that absolutely deserves to go viral.

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