Single of the week: Maja Lena – The Keeper review

By Phil Scarisbrick

Inspired by the way in which we, as humans, view ourselves, and the unspoken parley we make to trust in our own thoughts and self-identity, there is an almost exacerbated quality to Maja Lena’s new single, The Keeper. Joined on backing vocals by Memphis Industries’ folk-artist, Rachel Dadd, Lena’s voice feels at times as if it is grasping for a foothold, as she exclaims, ‘I asked the keeper of my dreams to let it be’. 

The acoustic and double bass backing skip around to create a joyous, trad-folk soundtrack that allows the vocals to soar. ‘I am no believer…’ is a cyclical mantra – with Lena and Dadd’s voices combining almost as if they were one, before concluding ‘I’ll go to the keeper.’  The entire song has a real frenetic energy that leaves the listener feeling almost like you’ve been sucker punched when it is over. A gorgeous vignette that exposes another little piece of what we can look forward to when the Swedish songwriter’s full album is released this summer.

New album, The Keeper, is out on 23rd July on Chiverin.

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