Song: Madi Diaz – New Person, Old Place review

by Philip Moss

The narrative behind last year’s History of a Feeling was all laid out in its track listing. A series of titles that proudly wore Madi Diaz’s raw emotions overtly on her sleeve, it was a difficult retelling of nuanced pain and lived emotional traumas – but a journey that she had to document.

Six months on, and Diaz has returned to four of the record’s songs for an upcoming EP – recruiting friends, Waxahatchee, Angel Olsen, Natalie Hemby, and on new taster, Courtney Marie Andrews.

In place of the original’s acoustic backbone and stuttering percussion, Diaz and Andrews open with a gentle, Grouper-like choral call. And despite the increased tempo acting as a metaphor for the closure that time has brought to the situation, as the duo’s voices come together for the song’s chorus, even sharing out the weight does not make the intensity of its hammer blow words less hard hitting: ‘What used to hurt doesn’t hurt any more. What used to work doesn’t work anymore.’ 

Check out our interview with Madi Diaz here.

Same History, New Feelings EP is out on 4th March via ANTI-

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