Song: Lindsay Munroe – Need a Ride review

by Joseph Purcell

Just six months on from the release of acclaimed debut EP, Our Heaviness, Lindsay Munroe returns with a swaggering ode to independence and self-care on the assuredly anthemic, Need a Ride.


Bursting around the opening drumbeat and attitude-fuelled guitar line – think  Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea era PJ Harvey – Munroe is in defiant mood. Refusing to be lectured or confined to societal expectations, and carrying a self-assured air of rebelliousness, she opens ‘I don’t need another body, to make me want my body / I feel more when I’m alone, I don’t need someone to take my heat / it’s just me between these sheets.’ 

Munroe continues to showcase the talents that made her first collection so enjoyable. The dexterity in her delivery accentuates the juxtaposition between the overt confidence felt after the break-up that inspired the track, and the suspicion that a vulnerability still exists beneath the surface. Moving between stirring bursts and gentle serenades, the vocal creates a real feeling of pathos.  One moment you feel her angst, before she effortlessly drifts to her hypnotic mantra, ‘I feel more when I’m alone.

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