Song: Laura Fell – Bone of Contention review

by Tom Welsh

Bone of Contention is London-based Laura Fell’s debut single, and from the beautifully-controlled delivery of pragmatic prose, to the rich musical tapestry that underpins it, the track promises great things for forthcoming album Safe from Me (due 20th November).

A psychotherapist by day, Fell’s music is insightful of the human condition, and the song’s recurring chord pattern – alternating between the jarring and familiar – perfectly complements the cutting-yet-composed nature of Fell’s conversational words.

Her richly warm vocals, reminiscent of Aldous Harding and Erika Wennerstrom, are lushly strewn across cantering couplets that give space to let the words nestle into the psyche. Fell also knows how to wring the meaning from every syllable with a varied delivery; upon suggesting that ‘you’ve done this before,’ her voice descends like an accusatory raised eyebrow that lends even more bite to the remark.

The various cutting assertions for Fell’s addressee to ‘spare me your bullshit’ and that ‘those that matter know the truth, so I won’t bother to fight’ are somewhat belied by the beauty of the brief classical-leaning interjections from an array of instruments, along with the shimmering guitar that sits atop the instrumental breaks. The earthy production, punctuated by the rolling rhythmic patterns of the double bass, further accentuates the classy air of this carefully crafted and considered composition, and confirms Fell’s place as one to watch.

Debut album, Safe from Me, will be released on 20th November through Balloon Machine Records.

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