Song: Hadda Be – Another Life review

by Joseph Purcell

Taking their name from the Allen Ginsberg poem, Hadda Be Playing on the Jukebox,  the first single from the newly monikered London act is the sound of a band diving into a fresh start. Refocused, it delivers in every way.

Charged from the first note with a joyous, stomping energy, Another Life is a cathartic two and a half minutes. The vocals brim with a vigour that searingly dissects the duelling guitars and hurricane like drums – giving more than a passing nod to the post punk, grunge pop delights of Jeff Rosenstock’s Post.

There’s a juxtaposition between its bustling musicianship with the anxiety laden lyrical content works, and the deft use of tempo creates moments of pause that are wracked with anxious waves – ‘I can’t think, my hands tied, driving you way out for the first time, and it covers me in worry that’s all I ever know.’  Before an explosive release of tension breaks through – building to a pinnacle of mental turmoil that expels the demons, as the backing vocals grip hold and elevate this debut release into the ether.

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