Song: Francis Of Delirium – Come Out And Play Review

by Chris Hatch

Francis Of Delirium’s latest single lays down an assured marker that the band are ready to climb out of the grungy gloom and catch a glimpse of the limelight.

With a handful of EPs under their belt, Francis Delirium have been visibly growing in confidence with each release, as a result Come Out And Play feels like a band absolutely brimming with ambition. There are familiar elements from this year’s Wading EP – a rumbling bassline, alt-rock guitars, soaring vocals – but Come Out And Play feels twice as tall and twice as wide. There’s a seriousness and atmospheric weight to the production and playing that’s akin to Smashing Pumpkins at their black-hearted best, while the slashing, staccato barre chords on the chorus have the sound of a band who have found exactly when less is more.

Main songwriter, the multi-talented Jana Bahrich, sculpts, paints, and animates amongst a plethora of other creative endeavours, but on Francis Of Delirium’s latest single it feels like there’s no more need for experimentation, as Come Out And Play is a surefooted statement of who the band are.

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