Song: Ellevator – Easy review

by Chris Hatch

Taking a cue from the golden age of post-rock indie, the new single from Ontario’s Ellevator sneaks down dimly-lit back streets, and slinks its way into your core.

A skulking, bubbling, slow groove of mature indie rock that teases together elements of Chvrches’ shimmering, electro pop, Death Cab For Cutie’s nuanced complexity, and Future Islands’ vast, expansive outlook – Easy is reminiscent of the boom in intricate, artsy indie music that came about in the mid to late aughts. But while Ellevator draw from that familiar well of heartfelt, thought-out songwriting, it’s the electro-pop flourishes and funk-adjacent tempo that makes Easy feel special.

Masterfully produced by Chris Walla, the band knit together 80s tinged guitar overdubs and pulsing synth counterpoints on a verse that takes its pace from a tight, head-bobbing drumline – the whole thing feels like it’s played out against a rain-soaked, neon-lit night – think Phoenix covering Christine & The Queens. But it’s on Easy’s chorus that Ellevator start to colour outside of the lines – guitars surge forward, carrying Nabi Sue Bersche’s vocals on their shoulders as her refrain of ‘Easy/Easy/Easy does it’ twists its way out into the night.

Ahead of a potential LP in 2022, Easy showcases Ellevator’s ability to bring together tight, simmering verses with choruses that soar up into the beyond. A must as the days begin to fade, and the streetlights start to flicker on.

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