Song: døssi – Behold review

by Philip Moss

As chiming guitars rise mournfully from a sea of grief and loneliness – echoing the subject matter of her latest single, Behold – Norway’s døssi casts her eye across the choppy azure: she can see the cliché in writing about such feelings during a pandemic, of course, but also knows that you can only tackle what is in front of you. 

In contrast to the outpouring of her emotions – ‘my lonely silence / it drains my body’ – sunshine melodies bring a brightness that land and catch against the waves; so bright, in fact, that their beauty brings a desire to look head on into their sharp, hurtful glow. But for døssi, grief isn’t about hurt. Nor is it necessarily about pain. It is about the journey – represented by the slow, patient growth of Behold the battle and the reaction. And as she states in the harmonies of the song’s final moments, ‘I feel it all / I feel it all,’ it’s clear that she can see land – realising that the experience is what leads to the growth.

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