Song: Delmer Darion – Narrowing feat. Private Agenda review

by Paddy Kinsella

With their second single, Narrowing feat. Private Agenda, Delmer Darion hint at the diversity of soundscapes set to greet us on their debut album. While Wilding referenced the ambience of Rounds-era Four Tet, its follow up melds together the twitching, discombobulating sounds of electronic dismantlers Arca and Holly Herndon with the dayglow ease of The Avalanches.

Oliver Jack and Tom Lenton (Delmer Darion) criss-cross one another – the skipping percussion destabilising the dreamy atmosphere, as its experimentation forever threatens at the borders, but never conquers. Inspired by Bianca Stone’s poem, I saw the devil with his needlework, Delmer Darion take that contrasting imagery and unspool it into something entirely compelling. Their debut looks set to be a quilted patchwork you can throw over yourself whatever your mood.

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