Song: Coco – Knots review

by Philip Moss

Having been releasing music anonymously since May last year, Coco reveal themselves to be Maia Friedman of Dirty Projectors, Dan Molad and Oliver Hill with new single, Knots.

Collaboration can bring out the best in an artist – especially when the pressure or routine of the day job is removed – and Coco is the perfect example of this. Convening for a couple of weeks at a time in LA, Nashville and Texas through 2019 with a ‘light no-preparation rule’, the trio trusted each other’s intuitions and made music – first and foremost – as friends.

But a little differently, Knots was born from a ‘virtual collaboration’ and completed at the their next session. Built around a dreamy Beach House-esque soundscape, Friedman’s intimate voice twists and turns – tangled in an addictive, timeless melody – as the trio’s gentle symphony ebbs and flows around her. Groups of this nature can often feel like they don’t amount to the sum of their parts, but on Knots, Coco unveil themselves as a group to truly believe in.

Coco’s self titled debut album is out on 29th October through First City Artists/AWAL.

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