Song: Casper Skulls – Thesis review

by Chris Hatch

Summer fades into autumn on the latest single from Toronto four-piece, Casper Skulls.

There’s something comforting about the opening sweep of thickly toned guitars on Thesis. Low down, they feel like the cosy sanctuary of a warm room on a damp, October day, but higher up they have the lingering sparkle of summer. In amongst the bliss of butterscotch coloured skies and falling leaves, lead singer, Melanie St-Pierre flutters out breathy lyrics whose meaning takes some unravelling – ‘This is my abridged thesis/The rest is my cross to bear’ – she sings on a refrain that feels as if it levitates above the dreamy, grunge-flecked balladry of her band.

In amongst the atmospheric glint of Thesis is a grittiness that makes forthcoming album, Knows No Kindness, an intriguing prospect – particularly for fans of Big Deal, Wolf Alice, and the more introspective moments of ex-alt revivalists, Yuck. For now though, this broad, spacious swathe of classic, heartland songwriting, and bristling alt-rock has more than enough to see us through.

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