Song: career – Microwave review

by Chris Hatch

‘My head feels like a microwave meal!’ is the repeated lyric on the latest single from Bingo Records’ career, and it doesn’t take long for that hypnotic phrase to work its way to your core and radiate the image of an endlessly rotating, disembodied head.

If previous single, Natural Energy, saw career barrel out of the traps with an upbeat hit of hyperactive post-punk, their new single finds them exploring the abstract. Over a spiky, slowly ascending guitar line, lead singer, Joe Leppard, envisions his mental state as that of a microwave meal – ‘hot on the outside, and cold in the middle’. Its chorus, a scattergun of barre chords akin to the more traditional punk of The Damned or The Buzzcocks, is sandwiched between verses that have the odd, jerky qualities of Primus or Devo – a little bit like The Fall playing some rockabilly over a two-step drum line.

Microwave’s barbed guitars, off-kilter lyrics, and joyfully absurd sensibility is a pretty accurate reflection of career’s upcoming EP, Letting Out The Slack – a mixture of roving post-punk, unexpected twists and turns, and strange, sideways-looking lyrics.

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