Song: Camile Christel – All I Ever Do (Berlin, Solo) review

by Philip Moss

The British summertime is notoriously unpredictable – and just because it is July does not mean that the heavens will not open and unleash sheets of rain. But there is something special about those balmy evenings when the rain has seemingly passed, but you cannot be sure. When you can’t quite put your finger on whether the sky sits a cloudy grey or in the fall of dusk.

And this is the space Camille Christel’s new single, All I Ever Do (Berlin, Solo), occupies. Hinged on her aching voice, there is a uncertain restraint – will it break from the piano that anchors it down? Will her voice, which seems desperate to explode, be set free? The subtle production flourishes tease, but never commit, as Christel dances on ground that Rae Morris so beautifully occupied before succumbing to dreams of pop grandeur. One feels if Christel sticks to her guns, this is a space she can claim as her own because there is something unquestionably special about her – that is for sure.

All I Ever Do (Berlin, Solo) is taken from Camille’s debut EP, You – out now on Dalliance Records.

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