Song: Blackaby <br>– Semolina review

by Philip Moss

Pink custard. Mint custard. Semolina. Three perfect companions to the ultimate primary school dessert: Jam Roly Poly. And it’s the latter which gives its name to the latest serving from North London based songwriter, William Blackaby.

First single, What’s On The TV?, was a scuzzy blast of bristling pop punk, and focused on the mundanities of the day to day. And Semolina is equally reflective – ‘Back then is where your heart is – you really liked your school days; you were cool!’ – but despite the seeming positivity being matched by an equally chirpy melody, he soon casts doubt on such romantic reflections – ‘staring backwards, there is nothing back there…’ 

Of course, it’s important to look back, as long as you don’t get too caught up in the ‘good ol’ days’ – and this dollop of Mystery Jets-esque pop is the perfect reason to reminisce about the thrilling simplicity of waiting in line for your favourite meal of the week!

Blackaby’s What’s On The TV? EP is out through Hand in Hive on 24th July, and available on limited cassette through Sad Club Records.

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