Song: Billy Nomates – FNP review

By Phil Scarisbrick

Following on from the barnstorming No, Billy Nomates returns with another single that sees her wearing her emotions and frustrations on her sleeve. Teaming up with Bristol label Invada, FNP (standing for Forgotten Normal People) was written during a period of division within the UK, both politically and economically. The song vents the frustrations of being born into the latter, while fighting back against the right wing bullies who intensify the former.

Set above a sparse beat with electronic stabs, the eccentuated spoken word verses fire with an absurd ferocity as she sings, ‘I sleep on the floor of a room, that I just cannot afford/For a job that I just don’t want/Cos’ I was born with a fork not a spoon/And things just fall straight through‘. The chorus springs into life with a melodic angle that recalls The Breeders in its juxtaposed position between intimidating and catchy as hell.

Often championed by Sleaford Mods, it is easy to see why fans of the duo would buy into Billy Nomates. She shares a keen eye for expressing the ‘warts and all’ nature of the world around her, and from a point of view that will resonate with many of the people who share their experiences. These voices are more important than ever right now.

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