Single of the week: Yndling – Out Of My Way review

by Paddy Kinsella

‘There is so much power in letting a feeling or experience be all-consuming,’ says Silje Espevik, the Nowegian artist otherwise known as Yndlng when speaking about her music. This raison d’etre shines through her new single, Out Of My Way, in dazzling, high definition. By burying her muffled vocals in its dreamscape, she ensures the song’s content takes a backseat – instead opting to make each component a contributing factor to the feeling she intends to instil upon the listener.

This feeling is utopia, as if, by entering Out Of My Way, you come upon a tropical island where the wildlife is as multi-coloured as the thriving vegetation. The synths glisten like rays of sun dancing on the ocean blue, while Yndlng’s vocal possesses a child-like innocence, as if she remains blissfully unaware of the world’s darkest follies. The chorus is as infectious as they come and totally deserves its multiple airings. It shimmies and the shifts with the ease of the dancefloor’s greatest mover, attracting the gaze of those on the perimeter at will. Out Of My Way bottles giddy euphoria, and words do little justice in explaining that phenomenon, as such a feeling lies beyond the human lexicon. Yndlng understands this better than most.

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