Single of the week: Tendertwin – Absolute Nobody review

by Philip Moss

There is an irony to Bilge Nur Yilmaz’s second release under her Tendertwin moniker. An ode to a character that wants to blur into the background – to get lost even in rooms where she is the only focus – Absolute Nobody is far too special to keep a secret.

A songwriter clearly versed in the art – the craft – of what it means to connect emotion, words, chords and melody as one, yes, Tendertwin’s journey is just beginning. But backed by the same spring filled textures that adorn The Antlers’ Green to Gold, and with a voice that dances somewhere between the gothy leanings of Anna B Savage and the chamber calls of Bedouine, the influences become almost irrelevant when the summation is of such beauty. The quiet moments draw your ear closer. The soaring climaxes leave your mouth agape. ‘How could you think I’d miss the chance to lose?’ Yilmaz sings, as Absolute Nobody floats to its conclusion. The irony indeed. Yilmaz, it seems, is already on her way to mastery.

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