Single of the week: POSTDATA – Nobody Knows review

by Joseph Purcell

POSTDATA, the solo music project of Wintersleep auteur, Paul Murphy, returns with the bustling, upbeat pop of Nobody Knows. Fresh from the introspection of Twin Flames, Murphy once more examines the complexities of human existence and our very makeup, but in an all together more immediately infectious manner over three minutes of acoustic charm.

Despite the seeming upbeat nature, the lyrical content is juxtaposed to its musical brevity, as Murphy wrestles with the list of his faults and failings – ‘I’m not good when the party’s packed/I’m not good when there’s nobody left/I’m not good when I’m all by myself, I fear for my health. And it’s the bursts of ‘not good’ hollered incessantly by friends and family that Murphy invited to the recording session that really bring the track to life.

Two Flames is an explosive journey through the emotions that increasingly come with the modern-day existence. Self-doubt, the pressure to live the perfect life, and the never attainable virtues of social media are all tackled as Murphy calls for us all to bite back. Thankfully, we have Murphy’s poignant observations as a gentle touchstone to keep us on the right track.

POSTDATA’s new album, Twin Flames, is out on Paper Bag Records on 5th March.

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