Single Of The Week: Nijuu – 나에게로 Come To Me Review

by Tobias Moore

On latest track, 나에게로 Come To Me, nijuu aka Yujin Jo, provides the wilderness, but the stories that follow are up to you.

Unlike the nautical whirlings that caught the eye on previous EP, nijuu in the sea, it is the initial simplicities of 나에게로 Come To Me that stand out. Yet despite their differences, the captivating air of mystery that has become synonymous with nijuu still remains. As the reverb rings and the tender strummings of guitar wander through the trees, nijuu’s ability to craft spaces is never in doubt. 

While the new single lives and breathes within an entirely new landscape, one adorned with space, the track soon warps into something beautifully claustrophobic. It’s within this heightened darkness, this added grandeur, that the real differences begin to appear. There’s a danger that lingers within the track. As you stand outside the forest, you are unsure of what waits for you, unsure of whether to enter, but the almost spectral storytelling of nijuu soon proves too hard to resist. But by the time you have blinked, you find yourself powerless to nature’s devices. As the light refracts through the branches, the charmed howls of nijuu and the chaos that surrounds you are hard not to fall in love with. A love for the lack of control. People speak so often of the calm before the storm, but, as the thunders of percussion die down, their last runs and the harmonies tighten their grip – leaving you longing for the quiet that follows.


A conjurer now taking her next form, it’s clear to see the influence nature plays on the works of the South Korean songwriter. But what is apparent is that this love for nature, and its impact on her works is less an influence and more a translation. Whether submerged within nijuu in the sea or wandering through the woods of  나에게로 Come To Me, a new perspective on nature emerges – nijuu acting as a mouthpiece to the world that surrounds us. 

While the candyfloss pink of her hair is sure to make her stand out amongst the trees, if you just close your eyes and let the song play, it’s hard to distinguish between her and the habitat she has built. Whether hidden deep within the depths of her ocean, or on dry land, nijuu’s world is a pleasure to occupy.

The full EP, nijuu in the forest, arrives on September 14th.

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