Single of the week: Mytbe – Moody review

by Craig Howieson

Our lives, for the most part, are defined by mere moments – not protracted periods of time. The decisions we make, or choose not to make, that often in the blink of an eye reset our course are the ones we hold in our memory. Not the agonised time leading up to them, or the consequences we live with when they are made. moody, the new single from South London’s MYTBE, was recorded in just one take, and it feels like a moment worthy of capturing. With a smoke veiled, soulful vocal line laid upon arpeggiated jazz chords, the track has no real destination. But nor does it need one.

An unfettered realisation of the fact that things that once felt so right are no longer what they once seemed, moody provides a space to wipe the slate and step forward to start again. And by managing to create such an intriguing environment with such little at her disposal, MYTBE has ensured there will be an appetite for the many moments she is still to create.

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