Single of the week: Lizzie Reid – Seamless review

by Philip Moss

There’s a lot to be said for home comforts – the simple things you pine for in moments of emotional strain. And some of them – the purring of her cat, Ivan, and the whiff of whiskey that hangs off her breath, having fuelled the heart filled recording session – have seeped into Lizzie Reid’s autobiographical first single.

Seamless is a tangle of personal threads – an emotional blanket stitched together by the aftermath and feelings of a relationship gone awry. But even from its muted beginnings, there is an alluring, painful realness to Reid’s voice, which creates that instant connection. A je ne sais quoi that leaves us hanging from her every syllable, never mind word, and that makes her story – despite it not being anything particularly unique – feel, somehow, different.

Anything but comfortable, Reid’s debut is, simply, seamless.

Seamless is out now on Seven Four Seven Six Records.

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