Single of the Week: Grizzly Coast – End of the Night review

by Philip Moss

The loss of liberty over the last ten weeks has impacted everyone in different ways. Many things we that we took for granted have, of course, been put into context due to the impact that the Covid-19 virus has had on friends, loved ones, our families and work situations.

But some of the simple things in life have also been snatched away. Toronto’s Alannah Kavanagh aka Grizzly Coast’s new single, End of the Night, focuses on some of these. And not just the highlights of a night out – laughing with friends or seeing a great show, but the minor details that are easily forgotten, but we can all totally relate to: heading out into a nearby city, pushing our way through the crowds, knocking drinks over, and then needing to some how find a way home.

It’s an anthem of jubilant youth – its addictive chorus a reminder that it’s important not to take the simple things for granted.

End of the Night is the third single taken from Grizzly Coast’s upcoming debut, full band EP.

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