Single of the week: EFÉ – Table for Two review

by Philip Moss

Only when we take the time to do something that requires absolute silence do we realise just how chaotic our lives truly are, and that there is a permanent background noise – a buzzing static, so to speak – that on a day to day basis we tune out from, or block, without even realising.

And having bought a whole array of new recording equipment during lockdown, this was a place EFÉ found herself. ‘My house is always noisy,’ stated the 20 year old, with ‘washing machines, fights, Netflix shows, microwaves, and slamming doors’ – which resulted in a rather annoyed reaction from her producer when her vocal take was sent off to be mixed, and her voice was not quite the ‘isolated’ take her was hoping for. But the DIY feel only adds to the song’s superlative qualities. Its lazy beats mimic the procrastination that provided its influence, and while the synth pads and groove filled guitars fall from the same world as Blood Orange’s Negro Swan, its chorus is quite simply a contender for ear worm of the year.

So despite the telling off from her producer, EFÉ’s Table for Two is a joy, as the Dubliner’s second single proves she is deserving of our absolute full attention.

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