Single of the week: Andy Shauf – Spanish on the Beach review

by Craig Howieson

New music from Andy Shauf always feels like an invitation into a new world, or at least a chance to walk the streets in shoes that are not your own. Shauf has a unique eye for the intricate delicacies that day to day lives are built upon. He zooms in on moments the majority of us may miss or take for granted – a modern day Hemingway or Proust – and his resulting records and songs become shared experiences of mini snapshots in time.

On Spanish On The Beach, Shauf twirls us by the hand through the sweetness of a holiday break, where everyday trials and grievances are forgotten, perfection is abound and foolhardy dreams of embarrassing wedding proposals don’t seem too silly an idea. Set to a minimalist backdrop of soothing soft rock, propped up by woodwind, arpeggiated guitar and wobbling bass, Shauf’s quivering yet controlled lilt provides respite from the knowing dread that all good things must pass. This holiday, and potentially even this relationship will end, but Shauf is making hay while the sun shines. ‘I wished it could be permanent,’ he sings as the song closes. Don’t we all.

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