November 2020

November has been another month of fantastic musical output. An array of outstanding records, from both artists new and returning, has made this month’s choices tough to whittle down. We trust you will enjoy the selections.

Told Slant – Point the Flashlight and Walk

Secret Meeting says:

Point the Flashlight and Walk is not a radical change in sound for Told Slant, but it does feel like a natural progression, and the album’s luscious production is a fitting home for Walworth’s captivating song writing. A truly stunning album and their most accomplished to date

 Lambchop – Trip

Secret Meeting says:

There’s something particularly endearing about the idea of creating a mixtape for a friend. Picking apart the selections. Finding links between the lyrical, or thematic threads. On TRIP, the six members of Lambchop have all contributed in the choices, resulting in an unchallenging, but particularly endearing record – where friendship and the sheer joy of playing music is right at its heart.

 Laura Fell – Safe from Me

Secret Meeting says:

Fell’s greatest asset is her voice: a rich and distinctive contralto that handles twee duets like Left Foot Right Foot just as well as rumination torch songs like Glad and I Didn’t Mean To. When placed alongside car-radio chorus hums (Glad), understated hooks (Until Now) and Mellotron-style orchestral lifts (Bone of Contention), it brings a rare shade of personality to a genre that all-too-often lacks individuality. Ultimately, Safe from Me is a strong and intricately arranged debut that paints a thorough portrait of the artist’s internal struggles.

Katy J Pearson – Return

Secret Meeting says:

The consequence is a delivery that evokes Kate Bush with tinges of Dolly Parton and Taylor Swift to boot, which perhaps resonates most on album highlight and namesake, Return – a sombre, acoustic and string-led ballad, which alone should be enough to convince you to give this record a spin. It is not a coincidence that Return lands in the same week as Robin Turner’s new book, Believe In Magic: 30 years of Heavenly Recordings, as the release sees the label continuing in the same vein that they have for the last three decades.

 Anna McClellan – I Saw First Light

Secret Meeting says

I saw first light is an album bustling with pop gems – all propelled by McClellan’s endearing delivery and her unwavering eye – as she pieces together a mirage of influences and ideas. And what could be a daunting task for many, is, for McClellan, just another opportunity; on I saw first light, her ideas flourish with a fresh vital essence.


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