New Music Recommendations – 2nd November 2018

by Dave Bertram and Philip Moss

Deerhunter – Death In Midsummer

Pick of the week. Bradford Cox and his shape-shifting outfit, Deerhunter, are back with Death in Midsummer- the first single from the follow-up to 2015’s stellar Fading Frontier.

Melting harpsichord riffs with piano figures and melting guitar solos through synths, Cox delivers his usual rasp, this time addressing the strange set of circumstances we all find ourselves in.

New album, Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared, will be out on 4AD in January.

Morrissey – Back On The Chain Gang

Love him or loathe him, Mozza is a phenomenon who just won’t go away – and now he’s back with a new single: a cover of The Pretenders’ Back On The Chain Gang.

Having been in the live set for the last couple of years, rumour has it the song will be part of a new collection – California Son – which will be comprised of cover versions penned by American songwriters.


Bill Ryder Jones – Don’t Be Scared, I Love You

The next release off Bill Ryder-Jones brilliant new album, Yawn, is Don’t Be Scared, I Love You. 

The track’s musical backdrop lends itself to Bill’s stock thread, creating a tension the push across the often disenchantment and feeling of loss he portrays lyrically.

Yawn was released today on Domino Records.

Georgia – Started Out

Following the release of her last single, Mellow, comes Started Out- the brand new single from London-based Georgia.

Started Out is an upbeat and euphoric track infused with hedonism and influences from the Chicago house scene of the 80s. She’s the next on the production line that brought the reformed Rae Morris and uses the same original 909 drum machines and sequential analogue synths used by dance legends of the 80s and 90s.

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